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The annual forum, #GEPSUK, organised by the Ghana Education Professionals Society UK, takes place at the University of East London, Water Lane E15 4LZ. The aim of this forum is to identify pathways to impart knowledge and build capacity through education in Ghana and the Ghanaian community in the UK. It serves as a starting point for discussions that will lead to practical solutions.

The #GEPSUK Annual Forum brings together a wide range of speakers who share their journey of work and experiences, providing insights into how we can support and encourage education to assist Ghana in meeting its development objectives. The forum also focuses on building capacity to create the human capital needed in Ghana.

In its second year, the annual forum saw the unveiling of the Ghana State book for the Diaspora - a project supported by the Vice President and Ghana Unesco President. The GEPSUK Annual Forum is initiated and hosted by Ludwig Nii Jr, who is dedicated to promoting education and empowering Ghanaians to achieve their full potential.


The GEPSUK Annual Forum is initiated and hosted Ludwig Nii Jr.




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